Opening Ceremony

Welcome and Official Opening of the Conference on behalf of the City of Amsterdam by Lodewijk Asscher, Alderman and Deputy Mayor of the City of Amsterdam

Tuesday July 2, 8.45 - 9.30


... Lodewijk Asscher was born on 27 September 1974 in Amsterdam. He studied Dutch Law at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and worked as a researcher at the Institute for Information Law. He received a PhD for his thesis on fundamental rights of Communications in 2002 and in that same year he became a member of the city council of Amsterdam. In 2004 he became leader of the PvdA (Labour Party) in Amsterdam. Next to his leadership he worked as a university professor in the Department of Law at the University of Amsterdam. In 2006 Lodewijk Asscher became Alderman and Deputy Mayor and since then he is responsible for Finance, Economic Affairs, Youth Affairs and Education of the City of Amsterdam. During his aldermanship he launched the Top City programme in which Amsterdam and its local business community have joined forces to raise the international profile of the city and the region.


Welcome speech given on behalf of the University of Amsterdam by Agneta Fischer, Dean of the Department of Psychology, and Professor in Emotion Theory and Research


... Agneta Fischer has studied Theoretical Psychology at Leiden University and received her PhD in 1991 at the same university. She now is Professor in Emotion Theory and Research in the Social Psychology Group of the University of Amsterdam. Her general research interest is emotions in social contexts, more specifically facial expressions of emotion, emotional mimicry and contagion, embodiment, the regulation of emotions in social contexts, culture and gender differences in emotions, and the social functions of emotion. She has written and (co)-edited several books on the topic of emotion, such as Emotion and gender: Social Psychological Perspectives (2000, Cambridge University Press, Feelings and Emotions: The Amsterdam Symposium (with Manstead, A.S.R., and Frijda, N.H., 2004, Cambridge University press, Emotion in social relations: Cultural, group and interpersonal processes (with Parkinson, & Manstead, A.S.R. (2005, Psychology Press). She has also published many papers and chapters on a wide range of topics related to emotion. She is associate editor of Cognition and Emotion, and on the editorial board of various international journals. She has been president of the International Society of Research on Emotion (ISRE, 2004-2009), and she is a steering member of the social network of CERE (Consortium of Emotion Researchers in Europe). Currently she is head of the department of Psychology of the University of Amsterdam.

Important Dates and Deadlines

Conference Dates:

July 3-5, 2012

July 2, 2012 (Pre-Conference Workshops)



Submissions are now closed since 20 January 2012

Early bird registration has been closed on 15 April 2012


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