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Currency and Banks



The currency in the Netherlands is the Euro (€ , EUR), which is used in almost all countries within the European Union.



Most banks are open from Tuesday to Friday between 09:00 and 16:00 hr. On Mondays business hours start mainly at 13:00 hr. On Saturdays and Sundays banks are closed. GWK offices are open 7 days a week and can be found at Schiphol Airport and Amsterdam Central Station.



ATMs are available at Schiphol Airport and throughout the city.


Climate in the Netherlands


The warmest weather is from June to August, with temperatures between 21 - 26 degrees Celsius. There are rarely extreme temperatures. The air is relatively humid and fog is common in autumn and spring. There are stronger winds from October to March.


Safety & Crime


Amsterdam is considered as a relatively safe city. In general, violent crimes do not occur very often. However be aware of pickpocketing. Pickpockets are mainly active in the summer and in the train travelling between Amsterdam Central Station and Schiphol Airport. They can also find you in a tram or when you are watching one of the many street artists perform. Watch your belongings carefully.


National Emergency numbers

Police, fire brigade, ambulance: tel.: 112

National number police, no emergency: tel.: 0900 8844


ATAS (Amsterdam Tourist Assistance Service)

Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 104-108

1012 SG Amsterdam

Tel.: (+31) (0)20 625 32 46

ATAS provides a special service to tourists who are robbed or otherwise victimised while visiting the city of Amsterdam.


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