Public Transport in Amsterdam

The OV-chipkaart (PT Smart Card) is the new way to pay for public transport In Amsterdam. You can travel using just one card, whether it is in the train, bus, tram or metro. The OV-chipkaart is the size of a credit card and has a built-in chip.


For conference visitors a disposable OV-chipkaart is advised. You can buy disposable cards at GVB Tickets & Info (Municipal Transport Company) across from the Central Station, the Amstel Station, or at Metrostation Weesperplein, the Ticket Vending and Add Value machines, and with tram and bus drivers and conductors. At the Ticket Vending and Add Value machines you can pay cash and with PIN, chip or credit card.


A disposable card already carries a travel product and can not be recharged. Costs for different travel products are shown in the table below:


  • GVB 1-hour ticket      - EUR 2.60
  • GVB 2x1-hour ticket  - EUR 5.00
  • GVB 24-hour ticket    - EUR 7.00
  • GVB 48-hour ticket    - EUR 11.50    (Not sold in trams and busses)
  • GVB 72-hour ticket    - EUR 15.50    (Not sold in trams and busses)
  • GVB 96-hour ticket    - EUR 19.50    (Not sold in trams and busses)


For more information on the use of the OV-chipkaart in Amsterdam, click here.


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